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Your helping hand in the best deals from China
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Well Express Ltd
Connecting people with presents
Your helping hand in the best deals from China

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Your helping hand in the best deals from China!


Want to profit from lower purchasing prices and reliable service from China?

It is no secret that products can be manufactured and purchased at low cost in the Far East. But to get the best price and quality, you need to know with whom you are dealing with.
Well Express is your professional partner in purchasing of promotional products and shipping services from China. With our pre-selected factories along with years of local experience, we will negotiate the best price and the appropriate quality. This way enable us to submit you a reduction of your cost, with the required quality and delivered at the agreed time. Direct from China without risk.



Looking for an extension of your organization at any stage of your requirements from Far East, between item proposals and delivery to your doorstep?

Many challenges are to be dealing with when acquiring products from China. To name a few: Sourcing, negotiations, sampling, production, quality control, documents and shipments. But is the factory trustworthy, quality according to your requirements, delivery in time and above all, how much time you spent to get all done properly?
Well Express can be a time saver for your company. With local offices in Shenzhen and Ningbo we can take your order starting from the proposal of an item till the delivery at your doorstep, or any process in between. Purchasing, Production control, quality control, logistic service such as consolidating and shipping to destinations can be done.

Profit from your helping hand in China!

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Well Express has more than 15 years experience in professional purchasing of mainly promotional items in the Far East. Our suppliers network reaches China, India and Bangladesh. With our office in Shenzhen and Ningbo we “speak” the language of our suppliers. We know the promotional business and have a good understanding of your requirements. With 20 years sales experience with many professional distributors all over the world. That, in combination with more than 15 years experience in purchasing from Far East we can be your helping hand working in China. Easy communication in English, German, Dutch and even in Mandarin with our collegues in China.

Our vision

We strive for a long term loyal relationship with our existing partners and new potential customers. We also strive to extend each others business in a professional and trustfull surrounding. By sharing new ideas, to present your customers, and to help you solving problems of your customers to supply items from Far East. We want to keep you happy with us, enabling you to grow your business with us. To deliver what you demand: better service, better price, determined on your request. With one dedicated contact person as your extension in your organization to purchase the goods from China. Every one of our team to be responsible, understanding the importance of quality and on time delivery. by selecting the right factory, control productions and have quality control and consolidation of your order to be shipped efficiently.


As a partner we will keep you closely involved during the production and shipping process. New developments or product ideas will be shared with you. If you have new ideas, we will jointly work on the best deals. Our sales network reaches worldwide; Europe, Middle East, Africa, North and South America. Well Express will support your competitive edge with our Express Line of products; fast delivery and low moq’s. Click here for Express Line.

Customized fast delivery from Far East.

  • Standard products from european stock, 2-5 days with logo printing, from our office in The Netherlands 
  • Connecting people with presents
    Well Express Ltd

    Working Methods

    contact_993571_coWe noticed that quick replies and fast deliveries are one of the key matters for your business. To help you with this, we started to make a selection of items from these factories which can be customized to your requirements. It will give you advantages to have quickly ideas to present your customer, fast quotations, fast sampling, fast production and reliable deliveries. All customized in your desired colors, printing and packing.




     Products from Pre-selected factories
    • Known assortment
    • Reliable delivery time
    • Value for money
    • Quality assurance
    • Custom Made service



    PRODUCTS: Umbrella, Pen, Pins, Cufflinks, Scarf, Calendar, Giftset, Bags, USB

    pluus_29610178_coSend us your requirement with all information available to let us work on your request and to quote you correctly. Why should you or your customer accept a standard product, if you can have a special custom made product according to your wishes. After we received your inquiry we will ask in our network of factories from Far East to have their quotation. After we select the best quote, we will send you our quotation and will wait your feedback/comment. If you accept the quote we can proceed making a sample. When the sample has been approved, we will start production, after sending a pro forma invoice and receiving your down payment. During the production and before shipping we will have a quality inspection, and ship the products to you or to any place you request accordingly.

    Sourcing & buying service
    • Exchange of knowledge about items and factories
    • Making the best deals for you
    • Transparent buying process
    • Quality assurance according to international accepted A.Q.L. 2.0/4.5

    export_14700072_coFrom China you will face bureaucracy and delays in shipping cannot be avoid always. But the risk of delay can be reduced when you have the locals dealing with the documentation and the authorities to have the goods shipped in time. We therefor have a specialist in Shenzhen, to operate all shipments, no matter to what place, by any method and very efficiently. You can ask us for any logistic challenge and will be happy to be your helping hand in China.

    Shipping & other service
    • Ship products to your forwarder
    • Shipping by air, sea, courier to consignee
    • Consolidate shipments and/or samples.
    • Documentations and test-reports.

    Products Industry



    Valentine – Ramadan – National day – Elections – Fairs – Ladies – Men – Kids – Holyday – Fan/Football – Christmas



    Writing – UmbrellasLanyards – Pins & Badges – Bags – Giftsets – USB – Powerbanks – Sunshades – Caps – Calender – Gadgets



    incoInformatie over wetenswaardigheden, sharing information about the incoterms, business trends, news related to promotional business

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    PMSClick to open PMS color samples.

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    Well ExpressWell Express is looking for long lasting partners in order to expand and improve it’s service beyond today. Please send us your contact details below, or feel free to call us if you are interested and want more information.

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